An aerial infrastructure company

Is a rugged, military-grade unmanned aerial vehicle that is wirelessly connected to the DroneHome station. DroneSentry can autonomously fly pre-programmed missions, respond to exterior IoT device triggers & provide real-time streaming to multiple users.

Is an open architecture, advanced intelligent software platform that enables DroneSentry & DroneHome to provide coordinated autonomous missions. It is a cloud-based machine learning A.I. that ingests data from individual drones, teams of drones & external IoT devices. DroneIQ is the universal Command, Control & Communication software that processes drone payload & telemetry data.

State-of-the-art tactical base station that autonomously manages DroneSentry’s battery, payload, & data. Its military grade design protects DroneSentry from the elements as well as houses multiple hot swap battery & payload packages.

Drone core

Flight Time Per Hour: 83% (50 min out of every hour)

Indefinite Flight Ops with Single System (Internal Recharge System within DroneHome)

Area of Operations of approximately 2km x 2km for a Single System LOS

Cloud-based and Server-centric Data Infrastructure

24/7 Precision Landing (IR-based System)

Machine Learning Classifiers Applied in Near-realtime

Pre-programmed, Automated Patrols

On-demand Missions to Cued Points of Interest


Various EO/IR packages, RFID Readers, and LIDAR packages

Encrypted Datalinks and Full Motion Video

Parachute System, FAA-compliant Visual Identification System, Forward-facing Obstacle Avoidance

Weather Resistance:
Designed for Flights in Light Precipitation