Case Study: Asylon’s Autonomous Drones Secure the Skies with Help from Xometry
July 4th 2019

Asylon, an aerial infrastructure provider, uses Xometry sheet metal fabrication services to create tactical battery transfer and payload management stations […]

DHS Counter UAS Legal Authorities
May 3rd 2019

The Preventing Emerging Threats Act of 2018 grants the Department of Homeland Security statutory authority to counter credible threats from […]

Robots and Drones — the Future of Enterprise Security?
March 10th 2019

Enterprise security is increasingly embracing the use of drones, robots and other automated technology to mitigate risks, manage costs and […]

This East Falls startup, makers of an automated drone hub, raised $1M
January 28th 2019

Asylon makes an autonomous system that lets drones swoop down on a station, get fresh batteries and sync their data […]

Asylon and O.W.L. Execute Partnership to Provide Future of Autonomous Security Operations
November 14th 2018

Asylon and O.W.L. execute partnership and advanced integration to provide the future of autonomous security operations for enterprise customers. New […]

Asylon at GSX
October 4th 2018

This year at the GSX Security Conference in Las Vegas, NV, Damon Henry, our CEO and Founder, sat with MarketScale […]

Dodging Drones: The Growing Threat to Public Safety Aviation Operations
September 9th 2018

As small UAS sales continue to rise, many law enforcement aviation departments are quickly finding their operations sharing the sky. […]

Exploring Commercial Counter-UAS Operations: A Case Study of the 2017 Dominican Republic Festival Presidente
April 13th 2018

The proliferation of commercial off-the-shelf unmanned aircraft technology has resulted in a growing number of illicit or hazardous UAS activities, […]

Here’s how air and ground robots working together will change infantry tactics
April 10th 2018

Ground and aerial robots are changing the way dismounted troops fight in fundamental ways, experts say. Locate, close with and […]

Drone Developers show off latest technology for SOCom at Ybor City Rodeo
November 1st 2017

With a hum like a thousand bees, the small Hive Mind Nova quadcopter lifted off for a mision seen as […]